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Smart Modular Data Center

A new-generation modular data center solution with complete integration of cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling systems, cabling systems, management software, and much more.


Modular design,one module one DC,on-demand deployment and flexible expansion


Component/device/system tri-level reliability design ensures 99.999% availability; excellent environmental adaptability, stable operation under extreme conditions


AI self-optimization with iCooling reduces the energy consumption of the cooling system by 8–15%, while the lithium-ion battery SmartLi offers high power density with a dramatically reduced footprint — slashed by 70%.


iManager enables visualized management of space, power, cooling, and assets, increasing resource utilization by 20%.

Indoor Modular Data Center

 It’s a modular-design, highly integrated solution which comprises power supply, cooling , rack & structure , cabling , management system within a module, meeting the requirements for quick delivery and on-demand deployment. Furthermore, the  smart module uses the i3 intelligent management system to comprehensively improve the reliability and efficiency of power supply and cooling systems. This significantly improves data center availability, and O&M efficiency.

Smart Mdular Data

Module Data Center For Protect Confidential Information

Due to the needs of confidential information in business, the core data, network transmission, and core storage systems of enterprises require to operate safely and reliably. It is also more cautious in selecting data center infrastructure providers.

There are two important indicator requirements for the performance of the new data center: First, it must be stable, reliable, and highly safe; Second, it must meet the standard requirement for energy-saving. USDC Technology has introduced its current mainstream module data center solution to satisfy those needs and solve the challenge of the green data center.

Rapidly Deployable Design Solution for reach Greater Efficiency

Taking into account high-security requirements, monitoring data platform, and the rapid growth of enterprises’ data in the next few years, USDC Technology has provided more reliable and scalable solutions in the design of the data center room infrastructure. The entire data center uses two sets of easy-to-do series micro-modules, including modular UPS, precision air-conditioning, and the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. 

All types of equipment are standardized products that comply with the industry’s specifications.

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Outdoor Prefabricated Data Center

 Prefabricated all-in-one solution for outdoor edge DC. The solution integrates power, cooling, monitoring, firefighting, and cabinet system into an ISO standard module. All facilities are prefabricated and pretested in the factory, which enable plug&play deployment. It is with strong ability of earthquake/wind/dust/water proof and support long-term outdoor running.


Improve Agility With Rapid Data Center Deployment

With rapidly changing demands in the data center space, we will work closely with you from sales to project services to engineering reduces complexities of building your data centers. Our experts will ensure your Integrated Modular Solution is built and engineered according to your specifications while offering minimized cost, unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Our all-in-one IT modular solutions seamlessly combine power, thermal management, and other solutions required, all of which are pre-integrated, and factory tested off-site, significantly reducing deployment time and on-site work. Future-proof your business today with the help of our industry experts to build the data center you need.

"All-in-One" - Build for a Reliable & Smarter Data Center

“All-in-One” Container Data Center solutions from USDC Technology can be pre-assembled and can be up and running in next to no time. The spectrum ranges from simple IT containers to complete all-in-one systems incorporating the entire physical IT infrastructure, from the rack to climate control, a power supply with a powerful UPS system, through to complete monitoring and, at the customer’s request, an effective fire extinguisher system. 

The product spectrum comprises multiple graduations and output categories, allowing customers to select the most suitable solution for their requirements.

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